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Our global community of 35,000 security professionals represents all aspects of security from business continuity and risk management to insider threats and active shooter incidents to IT security and cybercrime.

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Who Are ASIS Members?

ASIS members connect at multiple levels to create a robust, collaborative community.

  • Come from every sector, public and private, and every size of organization
  • Represent professionals at every stage of their career—entry level to C-suite—active duty or transitioning law enforcement and military 
  • Provide diverse perspectives
  • Live and work on six continents for 100+ companies
  • Support their their region, in their sector, and at every career stage


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The Value of My Membership

"ASIS offers mentors and resources so you’ll build the confidence you need to get ahead."

Laurie Simmons, CPP, PSP
Regional Vice President
Vice-Chair, ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council


ASIS Councils

ASIS International's 34 expert Councils offer forums to contribute your expertise, share best practices, and collaborate on specific sectors of security management.

Security Cares – The Value of ASIS 

The strength of ASIS lies in the strong community formed by its network of your security peers. When you need it most, ASIS is there for you.

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Our 35,000 members are active all over the world. Check out what the global ASIS community is up to on social media and share your own stories by using #MyASIS.

Meet the Members

Best Practices

Hector Grynberg, CPP, plays a critical role for Time Warner. As the regional security director for Latin America, he knows the security industry inside and out. But this wasn’t always the case. Earlier in his career, when he was entering the security industry from the IT field, he quickly realized how much he didn’t know.

Career Transition

"Because of ASIS, I have an amazing career that is rewarding in so many ways. I owe ASIS so much for helping me meet great friends and mentors which helped open doors to the private sector that would have been difficult to open on my own." Brian Reich, CPP​ | Former Chairman | Law Enforcement Liaison Council

Crisis Management

In the early afternoon of April 15, 2013, terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon. Bonnie Michelman, CPP, the executive director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital, was walking near the hospital and, upon hearing the news, immediately l​aunched into crisis mode.

Double Your Impact

Donate to the ASIS Foundation this fall and your gift will be doubled! Thanks to a generous matching gift from Frank Argenbright of SecurAmerica, your donation to the ASIS Foundation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $20,000. 

Hi, I’m Frank Argenbright, and I challenge YOU to support the ASIS Foundation. You know how much ASIS has helped your career, helped you meet the right people, get certified, learn about the security profession. Well, now is your chance to give back and help others. The ASIS Foundation supports people transitioning to security careers through scholarships and practical research. If you make a donation to the Foundation between October 1st and December 31, I will double it. That’s right, I’ve pledged a matching gift up to $20,000 so your donation will have double the impact. Together, we can reach our goal: please donate today!”