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Our global community of 34,000 security professionals represents all aspects of security from business continuity and risk management to insider threats and active shooter incidents to IT security and cybercrime. 

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Who Are ASIS Members?

ASIS members connect at multiple levels to create a robust, collaborative community.

  • Come from every sector, public and private, and every size of organization
  • Represent professionals at every stage of their career—entry level to C-suite—active duty or transitioning law enforcement and military 
  • Provide diverse perspectives
  • Live and work on six continents for 100+ companies
  • Support their their region, in their sector, and at every career stage


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2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Learn more about the ASIS strategic plan, which includes a heightened focus on: 

  • Achieving Recognition for the Profession

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation

  • Elevating the Security Function to Influence Organizational Success

  • Serving Global Needs

Paving Paths for Success

ASIS is your global community for professional development, best practices, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Subject Area Communities

ASIS International’s 36 Communities offer ways for you to connect with others in your industry on a global scale, share best practices, ask questions, and collaborate on new resources for specific sectors of security management.

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Meet the Members

Best Practices

Hector Grynberg, CPP, plays a critical role for Time Warner. As the regional security director for Latin America, he knows the security industry inside and out. But this wasn’t always the case. Earlier in his career, when he was entering the security industry from the IT field, he quickly realized how much he didn’t know.

Career Transition

"Because of ASIS, I have an amazing career that is rewarding in so many ways. I owe ASIS so much for helping me meet great friends and mentors which helped open doors to the private sector that would have been difficult to open on my own." Brian Reich, CPP​ | Former Chairman | Law Enforcement Liaison Council

Crisis Management

In the early afternoon of April 15, 2013, terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon. Bonnie Michelman, CPP, the executive director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital, was walking near the hospital and, upon hearing the news, immediately l​aunched into crisis mode.

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Security Journal brings new perspective to the theory and practice of security management, with evaluations of the latest innovations in security technology, and insight on new practices and initiatives. Topics covered include new security management techniques, as well as news, analysis, and advice regarding current research.

Members of ASIS International receive a special discounted rate of $98 on a personal subscription to Security Journal. Please contact Florencia Contardi-Kehdar at [email protected] to order your subscription today.