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Recording from ASIS 2014!

Lessons learned from Implementing the ASIS Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention and Physical Asset Protection Standards.

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Supply Chain Risk Management: A Compilation of Best Practices

Developed in collaboration with the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council, this Standard provides a framework for collecting, developing, understanding, and implementing current best practices for supply chain risk management.

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Auditing Management Systems: Risk, Resilience, Security, and Continuity—Guidance for Application (SPC.2)

The SPC.2 Standard provides guidance for establishing and managing an audit program, as well as conducting individual audits consistent with the ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 standards.

Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model ANSI Standard

ASIS released a revised ANSI/ASIS Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model Standard that provides a model for organizations to use when developing a senior leadership function responsible for providing comprehensive, integrated risk strategies to protect an organization from security threats. This standard replaces the 2008 ANSI/ASIS Chief Security Officer Organizational ANSI standard. 

View the Executive Summary (PDF)

An ANSI accredited standards developing organization, ASIS Standards and Guidelines bring together volunteers and seek out views of persons who have an interest in the topic covered. Committees are open and balanced to ensure content relevancy, credibility, and broad acceptance. Submit a standards and guidelines project proposal.

ASIS Standards Development Process

The Quick Reference Guide describes how Standards and Guidelines are developed from the perspective of a committee member and/or interested party.