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How Vendors Can Support ESRM and CSM Strategies

21 June 2017

esrm csm cover.pngA new white paper examines effective Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) and in particular the issue of buying and selling to siloed physical and logical security teams. The authors, James Willison and Sarb​ Sembhi, explain that Converged Security Management (CSM) utilizes an approach that brings together physical and logical security professionals in teams to get beyond the silos that have traditionally restricted a single view of security risks.

The paper considers

  • why now is an important turning point for many security teams to take action 

  • what stakeholders need to do to support a converged, buying security team

  • product information and support to stakeholders throughout the product lifespan ensuring clear messaging on the security of the devices/systems and their contribution to the overall solution of ESRM 

  • security of the product and its design. 

By acting on these areas, physical security vendors will not only be able to level the playing field compared with logical security vendors, but in some cases, overtake them in terms of maturity in integration.

The white paper, sponsored by AXIS Communications, is available at

James Willison​ is Vice Chair of the ASIS European Convergence/ESRM committee, which supports the ASIS board-level commission on ESRM. James is founder of Unified Security Ltd and Sarb Sembhi is past President of the ISACA London Chapter.