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How new technology is making cities smarter and connecting infrastructure

June 2022

Make Way for the Metropolis: A Smart Cities Tour

More than 4.2 billion people live in cities today, with an additional 2.5 billion people expected to move into them by 2050. To keep up with the demands of this exploding population growth, many cities are incorporating smart cities technology into their operations and security apparatus to make themselves more livable, sustainable, and safer. We take a quick look at how cities around the world are making this transition.

ZBeta’s 7 Step Playbook for Successful Corporate Campus Design

The financial services sector must meet a high bar when it comes to security. Facing constant risk of physical and cyber breaches, financial institutions must safeguard not only their employees and guests at physical locations, but also vast monetary resources, along with the data stores of customers’ financial and personally identifiable information.

Park Security Management

A Hole in One for Memorial Park in Houston

After an $18.5 million security renovation funded by the Astro’s Golf Foundation, the City of Houston’s premier golf course is open again for play and is the current host of the PGA Tour Houston Open.

The All-Too-Dumb World of Smart Cities Technology

Smart cities tech runs the gamut from policing tools and transit sensors to educational software and more. But the tech routinely hoovers up sensitive data on city residents, including their movements and audio, video, and biometric data—even before cities know what to do with the data, and even though they may never know what to with it.

The Future of Data Center Design

With the accelerated growth of cloud-based hosting and data mining, it’s no surprise that the demand for bigger, better, and more efficient data centers has also increased exponentially during the past decade.