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Held Hostage

December 2017 | COVER STORY

Most ransomware demands have leaned towards the lower end of the scale to encourage victims to pay. But some cybercriminals are taking the approach of targeting an organization and demanding a massive ransom to secure a high payout. And researchers are concerned that this could be the new normal as ransomware continues to be the most prevalent form of malware spreading across the globe.

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A New Social World

The line between personal and work activities on social media can often be blurred, which is why having a corporate social media policy is critical.

Blurred Lines

As ISIS’s tactics continue to evolve, Its influence—or lack thereof—on terrorist attacks is a meaningful metric for investigators and experts.

Case Study: Call for Help

Seattle Children’s Hospital upgrades its emergency call towers to provide clearer communication with security in times of distress.

An Identity Crisis

In the wake of Equifax’s massive data breach, experts are questioning how individuals can prove their identity after their information is compromised.