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October 2020 Marketplace

Photo by iSTOCK

October 2020 Marketplace

security doors.jpgSECURITY DOORS

Boon Edam Inc. announced the 40th anniversary of its Tourlock security revolving door. The design continues to adapt to new demands for commercial campuses and government buildings. The Tourlock, which has always been an automatic solution, offers touchless security with no need for contact from users during activation and operation. It also prevents tailgating, with the additional feature that it stops rotating in the “plus position” during a tailgating attempt.

temperature-readings.pngTEMPERATURE READER

Johnson Controls launched its smart elevated skin temperature scanning solution. At the heart of this contactless solution is the Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST camera, which provides rapid scanning of people as they walk. Accuracy levels exceed standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The scanner has also met the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s April 2020 Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems.