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April 2020 Featured Product Showcase

Check out the latest security technologies, services, and solutions in this special edition product showcase.


Compatible with all card reader technologies and access control systems, Designed Security, Inc. (DSI)’s Entry Sentry helps ensure that only one individual enters through a secured doorway for each valid authorization. This optical security device uses proprietary sensing technology to detect direction and tailgating, making it effective for areas requiring tighter security. Its design does not distract from interior aesthetics, and it mounts easily on standard door frames and hallway walls. Entry Sentry consists of two self-contained, narrow door/wall mounted units providing both local and remote alarm indications.


garrett.jpgMetal Detectors

With the release of the new MZ-6100 Multi-Zone walk-through metal detector, Garrett Metal Detectors offers a product designed to meet both the advanced performance and budget needs of schools, special events, loss prevention, mass transit, and other security applications. This walk-through device offers precise and simultaneous location of metal objects. The MZ-6100, which includes 20 detection zones and LED indicators, can also be equipped with optional casters and a back-up battery, making it fully portable for deployment without the use of power cables. The unit is protected from tampering by several layers of access control.


vanderbilt.jpgAccess and Video Management

Vanderbilt’s ACT365 is a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution that offers end users the ability to manage their security system from any device at any time. The solution allows users to remotely control and manage access to their facilities without a dedicated IT department. From a unified, user-friendly cloud-based interface, users can easily scale the solution to accommodate additional doors or cameras, control live and recorded video, manage users, conduct muster reporting in the event of an emergency, and review alarms.


hikvision.jpgThermal Cameras

Hikvision launched its Performance Series Thermal Cameras, designed for short-range detection, which makes them suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The thermal-optical turret camera, DS-2TD 1217-2/V1 combines wide-angle thermal and optical cameras with thermal imaging-based fire detection, temperature monitoring, cigarette smoking detection, DeepinView intrusion detection, and abnormal sound detection. The 160x120 vanadium oxide thermal detector provides a thermal image quality upscaled to an output resolution of 320x240 with a dramatically downscaled cost.


napco_starlink.jpgFire Alarms

NAPCO’s Universal StarLink Fire Dual Path Communicators offer a low-cost solution to ensure 12V/24V FACPs, old and new, keep communicating in an emergency, despite the vanishing availability of landlines. NFPA/UL-compliant StarLink Fire offers a 15-minute panel-powered installation, requiring no additional power supply or conduit, reporting to any central station, and replacing two POTS lines per fire panel, ultimately saving customers thousands of dollars each year. Preactivated for reliable reporting onsite, and proven to function nationwide, StarLink’s antenna maximize signal acquisition and null-avoidance for communications.


comnet.jpg10GigE Switches

ComNet announced its new CNXE2GE2TX8MSPOE, a 12-port gigabit managed switch. The switch includes two 10GigE uplink ports, which were designed for high bandwidth usage requirements, ideal for smart cities and connected vehicle applications. The switch also features eight 10/100/1000 TX ports, which deliver 30 watts of power; two 100/1000/2.5 GBASE-X SFP ports; and two 1000/2.5G/10GB SFP ports. The switch is designed to protect the network by using multiple redundancy protocols to keep the network free from interruption.


pivot.jpgVirtual SOC

The Pivot3 Virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) allows users to establish workstations for video monitoring and management in a highly streamlined fashion. The Virtual SOC is not typically limited by infrastructure specific to a primary location, nor is it hampered by a manufacturer. Instead, clients can securely stream video to any device, anytime, anywhere. An efficient protocol transmits all desktop and video graphics over LAN and WAN connections, reducing bandwidth usage by up to 50 percent compared to native VMS mobile apps and client software.


hid_signo.jpgAccess Control

Meet Signo, HID Global’s line of access control readers. Highly versatile, Signo offers support for the widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access, with the option to upgrade as needed. This new reader line delivers cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, and the readers have out-of-the-box OSDP support for secure bidirectional communication, designed to connect and manage readers remotely.


sti.jpgPanic Button

STI’s indoor/outdoor latching resettable push button switch
can be used for alerting the police about an emergency situation, allowing authorized exits, locking down a building, and more. When activated, a visible warning flag drops into view with universally understood hand symbols and arrows. Authorities can quickly reset with the provided key for immediate re-use, eliminating the need to wait for replacement parts. A versatile mounting plate allows for quick and easy installation in any location.


detex.jpgDoor Locks

Preventing unauthorized entry or access to anyone posing an immediate threat can be a serious challenge. Detex now offers an electrified lockdown system, an alternative to traditional manual locks for front doors, allowing its clients to instantly secure the main doors and keep staff and guests safe from would-be intruders. While a manual lockdown can take 30 to 45 minutes, this solution quickly secures external doors with the push of a button. Keeping unauthorized persons from entering, controlling internal building access, and allowing people to exit during an emergency are all quickly accomplished with this central control solutions.


ceia.jpgMetal Detectors

The HI-PE Plus Multi-Zone Metal Detector from CEIA USA provides accurate detection of all threat metals, as well as a high level of discrimination of non-threat items, including cell phones, and full compliance with the latest security standards. With immunity to external interferences, the HI-PE Plus has a low nuisance alarm rate, allowing for high transit flow rates and the minimum need for intervention by inspection personnel. Optional accessories—including water-resistant protection and wheel kits—are available.


amag.jpgThreat Analytics

AMAG Technology, a G4S company, is expanding its security offerings with Symmetry Business Intelligence, an analytics engine designed to provide critical information via data analysis. Organizations can use the data from their access control system to analyze how an employee’s or contractor’s activity is tracked and patterns established based on a risk score methodology. Abnormal behavior can raise a person’s score and high-risk flags appear in a dashboard.


genetec.jpgAccess Management

Genetec will showcase its ClearID, a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that manages access rights and enforces security policies to help make organizations more efficient, compliant, and secure. Suitable for settings from corporate offices to highly regulated multinationals in the oil, gas, mining, and petrochemical industries, ClearID mitigates the daily complexities of managing individual cardholders and access rights. The system also automates workflows and self-service capabilities to enable a more efficient and secure working environment.


mailsecure.jpgMail Security Scanners

MailSecur can detect more and smaller threats than x-ray scanners. Using its millimeter wave technology, RaySecur’s MailSecur can detect liquids, powders, and other potential threats that x-ray scanners cannot, keeping people and assets safe. The scanner has received the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Designated status, and RaySecur is the first manufacturer of dedicated mail security scanners to receive an official designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology under the SAFETY Act.


adt.jpgCommercial Security

ADT Commercial offers its clients premier commercial security, fire and life safety, and risk consulting services in the United States. With more than 300,000 customer locations, the business maintains a network of more than 4,500 experts in their specific fields throughout roughly 150 locations, plus two monitoring and operations centers. ADT Commercial is built on a foundation of customer service excellence and strengthened by decades of industry experience as it works to broaden its business portfolio of solutions, geographic reach, and commercial field operations.


sdc`.jpgElectronic Locksets

The SDC EntryCheck E75 Privacy is a low-cost, indoor/outdoor standalone electronic battery-powered solution, offering users controlled access for basic and multilevel high security requirements. The lockset’s privacy function locks the keypad by engaging the inside Privacy Button, and the red outside LED flashes to indicate room occupancy, without the need for wiring or power supplies. Turning the inside lever upon exiting deactivates the privacy function. In case of an emergency, the privacy function can be overridden with a key or master code. The lockset is ideal for new installations or retrofitting various facilities.


parkut.jpgSecurity Booths

Par-Kut International partnered with a New York high school academy to construct a bespoke entrance security access control booth for their campus. The custom-ordered PRESIDENTIAL Series booth included heating and cooling, insulated glass, complete factory wiring, lights, and a built-in work counter. The booth also featured a standing seam metal roof, raised architectural tube steel trim on the walls, crown molding at the soffit, and exaggerated window mullions for an aesthetically pleasing and functional booth.



Esri's geographic information system (GIS) offers
location-based technology that provides global security operations centers with the necessary tools and resources for collecting, integrating, and quickly assessing data from various sources and existing PSIM systems. This data integration offers security and risk management personnel a complete view of any incident or event and the intelligence needed for investigative analysis before, during, and after a crisis. The GIS also allows users to create repeatable and shareable information models, reuse information and services across systems and organizations, and provide enhanced information dissemination and reporting.


hanwha.jpgMulti-Directional Camera

Hanwha Techwin’s new PNM-9085RQZ multi-directional camera includes features like motorized varifocal lenses for precise control of focal length, angle of view, and zoom for each direction. Each sensor supports remote pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom (PTRZ) control for efficient installation and easy adjustment. The 20MP camera also includes built-in illumination for each sensor, and it allows users to quickly change the camera to 180/270/360-degree configuration, as well as custom presets.


napco_Ca4K.jpgAccess Management App

NAPCO’s new CA4K Access Manager app, available in the Apple App and Google Play stores, adds another level of convenient intuitive mobile control to Continental Access CA4K Enterprise Integrated Access Control Software, which also supports push notifications or emails in an emergency, threat level escalation, or lockdown event. The app also acts as a Virtual Enterprise Workstation on any smart device, and provides management of threat levels, lockdown, status, and personnel. The CA4K Access Manager allows for the control of all doors, wireless PIN/Prox locks, elevators, and entryways, including global or APB-area lockdown.


amico.jpgVehicle Barriers

AMICO Security now offers manufacturing, integration, design, and installation of crash-rated anti-vehicular equipment for government, industrial, commercial, and residential settings. The AMIGUARD 9000 Series vehicle barriers can be fully integrated with AMICO’s security fence products. Offering customers a cost-competitive and reliable solution, these vehicle barriers are part of AMICO’s wide range of products, including active bollards, crash arms/gates, wedge barriers, cable barriers, and fixed bollards.


rei.jpgSpectrum Analyzer

Research Electronic International (REI) is introducing a new portable spectrum analyzer at ISC West 2020. The Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer (MESA) is a handheld product providing radio frequency detection up to 6 GHz or 12 GHz, depending on the package. MESA has analysis features like Persistence, Raster Waterfall, and a patented SmartBars function, all displayed on a capacitive touch screen. The unit also features modes for mobile bands, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for specialized monitoring. A variety of antennas are available for frequency spans and applications, such as acoustic leakage, carrier current, visible light, infrared, and ultrasonic.


ceia_ferromagnetics.jpgWeapons Detector

CEIA USA Ferromagnetic’s MSDi is specifically designed for easy integration of ferromagnetic weapons detection in environments that call for covert access control. The detector’s very small footprint allows for the unit’s ferromagnetic detection technologyto be hidden inside ornamental structures. The MSDi also combines the features of CEIA’s MSD and MSD EVO in a single, compact device.