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The GSX 2019 education sessions focus on a variety of topics, including drones, marijuana, digital transformation, and workplace violence.

Photos Courtesy of ASIS International

ASIS Enhances Education Line-Up

The GSX education program features more than 300 sessions in 17 different tracks, with a new emphasis on developments impacting the security industry—unmanned vehicles, cybersecurity, cannabis, workplace violence, and more.

ASIS members are looking for the gamut of security information, ranging from basics and benchmarking information about physical and operational security to digital technologies and applications they need to be aware of to be prepared for tomorrow.

The GSX session lineup addresses a wide variety of topics vital to today’s security professional, delivered in immersive formats like small group workshops, simulations, deep dives, and more. The tracks—including Business Continuity, Managing Organizations, ESRM, Crime Prevention, National Security, and Digital Transformation—enable attendees to find sessions most relevant to their educational and organizational needs.

More than 220 speakers from diverse professional backgrounds will deliver GSX’s peer-driven education program. From U.S. Department of Homeland Security personnel to CSOs and CISOS, the presenters cross the range of industries and responsibilities related to security. All GSX attendees are certain to find a wide variety of relevant and valuable sessions to attend.

This year, to enhance the GSX conference program, ASIS added Game Changer sessions. These sessions provide diverse perspectives from thought leaders on potentially controversial topics. Facilitated by a skilled moderator, they will be fast-paced and take a look at issues including policy implications and how the security landscape is changing.

For instance, one Game Changer session is “Accelerating Digital Transformation: Insights and Applications” (4223) in which Microsoft CSO Brian Tuskan will discuss the current landscape and explore examples from a variety of sectors on how digital transformation is driving new growth through people, culture, and technology. Another Game Changer session, “The Ever-Changing Drone Landscape: What You Need to Know” (4123) will focus on drone-related regulatory tensions and decisions on the horizon that will impact the security industry.

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) topics continue to be in high demand, and ASIS devoted a one-day intensive pre-conference class to ESRM—as well as more than a dozen sessions focused on the topic.

For example, in a Monday morning session—“First Look at the Official ASIS Guideline on ESRM” (4109)—David Feeney, CPP, manager of cyber risk at Deloitte, and members of the ESRM Working Group and Technical Committee will walk attendees through what ESRM is, implementation, and an overview of the guideline.

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