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Book Review: Business Continuity

​The Manager's Guide to Simple, Strategic, Service-Oriented Business Continuity

By Rachelle Loyear. Rothstein Publishing;; ebook; $14.74.

Business continuity plans must be simple, strategic, and service-oriented: that is the key message of this book by Rachelle Loyear. The author advocates a new model—the Three S Philosophy—as an approach to improve engagement and support for business continuity management (BCM) programs.

Traditional BCM programs face various challenges and roadblocks that make them cumbersome for business subject matter experts and even for the experienced risk professional. To counter those obstacles, Loyear urges planners to focus on the essentials, stripping away complexity and putting strategy and business value front and center to help the risk owner in the BCM journey.

This guide will provide great value for anyone engaged in BCM, whether as an experienced risk professional or a functional expert. The Three S Philosophy, which endorses simplicity, strategy, and service, provides a powerful yet uncomplicated framework that a focuses on value. The reader will appreciate various references in the manuscript to enterprise security risk management, as well as practical templates and checklists to facilitate further use. 

Reviewer: Rachid Kerkab has almost two decades of experience in criminology, strategy, risk, and resilience. He is a member of ASIS.