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Certification Profile: Malcolm Reid, CPP

​Several years ago, Malcolm Reid, CPP, completed a national critical infrastructure assessment for Trinidad and Tobago, which helped to inform the strategy for protecting the critical infrastructure of that country. At the end, he delivered a symposium for the major public and private stakeholders. “Just the knowledge that I made a difference in so many people’s lives gave me immense satisfaction,” he recalls.

Reid’s academic credentials are impressive. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, attained a master’s degree in information assurance from Norwich University in Vermont, and earned an MBA from Henley Business School, University of Reading in the United Kingdom. He is currently enrolled in Webster University’s business and security management graduate program as one of the 2016 recipients of the Charles H. “Sandy” Davidson IV Memorial Scholarship awarded through the ASIS Foundation. 

After a brief time in the military, Reid was hired to manage a large guard force and systems for an international telecommunications service provider. The opportunity allowed him to develop leadership and technical skills in security management, which he was drawn to because it encourages the pursuit of excellence. “When lives and assets are at stake,” he notes, ”there isn’t any other option but to ensure that you put your all into the profession.” 

In 2011, Reid opened his own practice. He researched how individuals are recognized for competence in security management and discovered that many employers and clients respected and required the Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) certification. So he decided to pursue the designation and add the CPP to his résumé. 

Today, Reid is part owner of Brison, a consultancy that provides advisory and training services in enterprise security risk management. “Preparing for the CPP further cemented the skills required to conduct security assessments,” he says. “Clients expect that I will deliver a quality engagement because they trust the certification.”

Brison’s consultants hold CPP certification and recommend the certification to clients. Reid encourages others with the prerequisite experience and education to purchase the reference materials, develop a study plan, and attend a review course if possible. “Finding a mentor who can guide you along the path can also be a valuable strategy,” Reid adds, and he has filled that role many times for applicants. 

“The international network of ASIS members means that professionals throughout the world can assist in sharing best practices or new employment opportunities,” he says. In turn, Reid is often asked to share his expertise at various ASIS chapter meetings and conferences. 

Reid currently serves on the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Council and is assistant regional vice president—Region 7B. In the last year, he helped form two new ASIS chapters in his region, and he continues to recruit new members and mentor young professionals seeking to enter security. “A security career is rewarding in that its best practices result in a safer world,” he comments. “One cannot be bored, because the field is continuously changing.”