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ASIS News December 2016


The ASIS Accolades, a highly respected awards competition from ASIS International, recognizes new ventures that are destined to become security mainstays. ASIS President Dave Davis, CPP, announced the 10 Accolades winners, as well as the Accolades Judges’ Award and Peoples’ Choice Award—the latter of which was determined by attendee votes during ASIS 2016.

Last summer, exhibitors were invited to submit products and services introduced within the past year. In their submissions, companies were asked to describe a problem with existing security technologies, then tell how their new product or service solved the problem or addressed a void. The entries included an analysis of the innovative features of the product or service. A team of judges representing end users, as well as experts in physical and information security, evaluated the entries.

Both the Judges’ and Peoples’ Choice awards went to Wireless CCTV, LLC, which also won a general Accolades Award. All the winners follow:​


bAlert IoT Security Commander

This product is a comprehensive IoT-based security incident management and response platform in the cloud built for the enterprise. The bAlert Mobile Reporter delivers the perfect “see something, say something” companion mobile app, allowing employees to instantly report security and safety issues from their mobile devices.​


Gibraltar M50 P1 Wedge Barrier (G-2000 Series)

This product is a reliable electromechanical wedge barrier. The barrier is currently undergoing 247-cycle testing and has reached more than 400,000 cycles with no parts replacement. Gibraltar performed an underwater submersion test of more than 1,200 cycles as well.​


Hanwha Techwin America Samsung XRN-2011

The XRN-2011 NVR provides ultra-high quality 4K recording performance while minimizing storage and network requirements using H.265, H.264, and MJPEG compression. XRN-2011 supports H.265 recording and allows the simultaneous viewing of 32 cameras on a single UHD monitor or 16 cameras on dual monitors.​


Medeco XT Data Analytics

A game changer in audit trails analysis, the Medeco XT Data Analytics is a powerful tool built into XT Web Manager software. Easy-to-read graphics allow security administrators to quickly see access trends and spot potential problems within their facility. This time-saving feature eliminates searching through thousands of audit records. ​


FLEX Switch24

The FLEX24 is an enterprise-grade, long-reach-managed switch that delivers fast Ethernet and PoE++ over 1, 2, or 4 pair UTP with a more than 1600-foot reach. FLEX supports long- and short-reach requirements, making IP migration simple, cost effective, and less disruptive.​


RightCrowd Essentials

RightCrowd Essentials is software that enhances physical access control systems, delivering powerful enterprise-class workflow and compliance features. Designed specifically for small and medium-size businesses, its “out-of-the-box” feature means remarkably quick implementation at very low cost. Modeled from RightCrowd’s enterprise solutions, it enables realtime continuous workflow assurance for safety, security, and compliance solutions.​


A2000 Counter Drone Radar

Small drones present a new, hard-to-detect threat to critical infrastructure. The affordable A2000 radar brings to market technology that detects drones and other airborne targets far beyond any other commercially available technology in its class and works reliably despite rain, fog, snow, or dust. ​


Stratfor Threat Lens

Threat Lens is a premium threat intelligence platform that cuts through the noise and gives security leaders the ability to identify, anticipate, measure, and mitigate risks to their people, assets, and interests around the world. The multilayered analytical framework evaluates both the immediate significance and future implications of evolving security events so that clients can anticipate threats and implement protective measures. ​



The Vismo-Alert wearable panic button is a personal alarm system that connects to smartphone devices over Bluetooth. The Vismo-Alert eliminates the need for the user to unlock their device when activating the panic button, providing companies with a fast way to alert employees in the event of an emergency. ​


WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)

This camera delivers live transmission of video and audio on the move. The unit uses cellular technology (4G LTE with automatic fallback) to transmit live video and GPS location information from the wearer to control rooms and mobile devices, drastically improving situational awareness and safety.​


Individuals who pass the Smart Card Alliance’s Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) exam may now be eligible to receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits towards recertification of ASIS International’s Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) and Physical Security Professional® (PSP) credentials.

Individuals who have already received CSEIP credentials and have an ASIS certification can check their eligibility to receive ASIS certification credits at the Society’s website,

The Smart Card Alliance CSEIP training and certification program is part of the National Center for Advanced Payments and Identity Security curriculum, and provides advanced training for systems engineers on how to design, configure, test, and properly write proposals for Enterprise Physical Access Control Systems (E-PACS) to align with governmentwide specifications. The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use, and widespread application of smart card technology.