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Certification Profile: Terence Hoey, CPP, PCI, PSP

​In June 2016, Terence Hoey, CPP, PCI, PSP, became the first U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee to earn all three ASIS board certifications. As the law enforcement liaison in the Office of the Regional Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region II, Hoey’s achievement has not gone unnoticed among the DHS leadership.

“Congratulations to Terence B. Hoey, CPP, PCI, PSP, of FEMA Region II for achieving the ASIS International ‘Triple Crown,’” Jerome Hatfield, the DHS regional administrator for FEMA, enthused. “No doubt these impressive certifications will assist him, his region, and the entire agency as we prevent, protect, and respond to a wide range of threats and risks, which include natural and man-made hazards.  Through his hard work in FEMA Region II and the close relationship between DHS and ASIS, we can continue working toward collaborations, which improve our posture in creating a resilient nation.”

Hoey began his three-pronged journey in 2002 when he became a Certified Protection Professional® (CPP). Only the previous year, Hoey had been among the first responders to the attacks at the World Trade Center on 9/11. At the time, he was president of Hoey & Associates, Inc., a management consultancy specializing in real estate oper­ations and security management, and a mas­ter chief petty officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

After 9/11, Hoey was mobilized to active duty and served at FBI headquarters. Subsequently, he was selected to assist with the start-up of DHS as its military senior enlisted advisor. He was a part of the Federal Protective Service, Region II, until 2010 when he transferred into his current position with FEMA. 

Hoey is now involved in FEMA’s preven­tion, protection, preparedness, and response mission areas and community outreach activities for the region, which covers New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He is responsible for law enforcement liaison and relationship-building across the DHS enterprise, as well as in federal, state, local, and tribal jurisdictions. His responsibilities include intelligence and information sharing and public and private critical infrastructure protection.

Hoey added the Physical Security Professional® (PSP) certification in 2004 and his Professional Certified Investigator® certification earlier this year. He says he was motivated to pursue all three board certifications because “they advance the work of ASIS in the United States and globally by providing a pool of certification ambassadors, as well as extremely competent security professionals.” 

Each of the certifications draws from both public and private disciplines, he says. Because they are completely applicable to both, Hoey would encourage others in the public sector to consider ASIS certifications.  His advice? “Ensure you meet the prerequisites, develop a plan of study, and devote the time and effort to take the exams after rigorous self-study coupled with an applicable ASIS Review Course.” 

To further increase his management and security credentials, Hoey graduated from the Wharton/ASIS Program for Security Executives in 2014. 

In Hoey’s view, the journey is worth the effort. “ASIS and the New York City Chapter helped me focus on the skills, experience, and contacts needed to advance in the security industry,” he says. “Achieving all three certifications is deeply gratifying to me personally.”