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Experts Search for Innovation

​Reviewers scoured the show floor at ASIS 2015 for the most innovative technologies. We present the results.

Intelligence Gathering

The product technology that stood out the most to me, in a world controlled by social media, was the idea of open-source intelligence gathering via software as a service (SaaS), pioneered by Snaptrends.

Snaptrends is a location-based software company dedicated to helping organizations in all industries leverage social media conversations and posts when and where they happen so that law enforcement officials, security managers, school administrators, and corporate executives can make timely decisions or take corrective actions related to the safety and security of their organizations.

Snaptrends has created and patented an analytical tool that monitors social media traffic within an area, based on predetermined parameters, such as keywords, established by the customer and scans social media sites for trending information about a specific organization. Snaptrends helps security managers understand conversations and trends behind social media.

As an example, law enforcement, which has predominantly been the main user of the software, leveraged the technology during the racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri, tracking violent protestors and the formation of unruly crowds, so that personnel could be deployed to the proper locations with minimal injury to innocent victims and first responders. The information is in the public domain, and search warrants are not required before using the application.

The program offers alert notifications and live streaming. Social media information can be saved for later search and for use in court should the poster's social media account be deleted.

Richard McHale
Security Consultant
Cape May Court House, New Jersey

Instant Upgrade

If the end product is as good as its demonstration at ASIS 2015, then this new product by IDIS is a game changer. It solves a problem that has been a personal frustration to me. Often, when I inherited a CCTV technology system as a new security director, my employer preferred to squeeze the last remnants from existing technology rather than build a new system.

IDIS has found an innovative way to pump new life into a less-than-perfect CCTV system. The company uses proprietary technology to take fixed cameras and turn them into pan-tilt-zoom devices. The IDIS technology I found both fascinating and useful was the IDIS Solution Suite, which is an integrated security video management software solution. It is intuitive and has a user interface that allows you to manipulate the camera using the mouse as a joystick in addition to the traditional keyboard controls.  

Hamilton Mixon
Hamilton Mixon Global Security Consulting, LLC.
San Mateo, California


SpotterRF has a new CK2 compact surveillance radar (CSR) for use on commercial perimeter fences. SpotterRF was named an ASIS Accolades 2015 winner for the CK2. The new CK2 provides 100-meter, 20-degree, all-weather coverage for less than the cost of a thermal camera with similar coverage area. The unit installs in less than one hour and works in many conditions where standard and thermal cameras do not. SpotterRF compact radar systems ensure that security personnel have 100 percent coverage in all weather conditions, both day and night. By using a single, long-range, high-megapixel 180- or 360-degree camera and integrating it with SpotterRF low band radar, you have a cost efficient and highly effective system that can replace numerous cameras and expensive video analytics licenses. I was very impressed with these combined technologies and have already recommended them to several clients.

Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP
Past Chairman, ASIS Physical Security Council
President, CSO
Setracon OR3M
Tacoma, Washington

Behavioral Analysis

While I was involved with the protection of national security information, we desperately looked for ways to better predict or identify persons of interest who displayed patterns indicating that they may be improperly handling or even improperly releasing classified information. At that time, a standard pattern of such persons was to return to the office during off-hours so that they would be alone to copy or download classified information under the cloak of anonymity. Such behavioral pattern anomalies also have pertinence as it relates to cybersecurity and business intelligence threats.

AlertEnterprise now offers assistance in looking for these patterns and behavioral anomalies through its Guardian Predict software module. The module is a part of its physical and identity management software package, which is designed to unify physical and identity management platforms through its ability to effectively operate in an active directory environment.

Until now, software companies have continued to treat every system event as an isolated incident. It is refreshing to encounter a product that recognizes repetitive or anomalous behavior patterns and the significance of these patterns to security.

James A. Francis, CPP
President & Chief Consultant
LFJ Consulting Services, LLC
Round Rock, Texas

Social Media

Geofeedia describes itself as "the leading location-based social media monitoring platform." Corporate security groups partner with Geofeedia to improve situational awareness in a variety of circumstances. Map a location anywhere in the world, and monitor real-time, location-based social content from multiple sources—all with one click. I asked for a demo of a typical search based on a company name that I provided. Within a few seconds, we had international data on this company, information on who was posting and tweeting about it, and pictures that people had posted of the company's facilities. After a few keyword searches, we were able to see and read comments about the company and an executive—all in real time.

Geofeedia further explained that this was obviously a simple search, with limited time to discuss the purpose. A focused search based upon meeting and discussing the threat would result in critical data that can be used to protect the organization as well as traveling executives.

Dennis Hathaway
Area Vice President
Entertainment Area
Securitas USA
Burbank, California