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SM Online July 2015

Passenger Screening

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to take a closer look at its on-the-spot expedited screening in airports, according to a report from the DHS Office of Inspector General,Allegation of Granting Expedited Screening through TSA PreCheck Improperly. The Transportation Security Administration needs to clarify the standard operating procedures related to its PreCheck program so that security officers can make better decisions when screening passengers, according to the report. The investigation was conducted after a convicted criminal went through expedited screening, even though a Transportation Security Officer raised concerns about the passenger with his supervisor.

FCC Settlement

The Federal Communications Commission recently issued its largest fine in history—$25 million—against AT&T for data privacy violations. The settlement agreement outlines the fine and additional actions AT&T must take, including appointing a senior compliance manager that’s a certified privacy professional.

Cruise Security

An Australian parliamentary committee made recommendations for improving cruise ship security in a 2013 report, including keeping crime statistics, deploying security technology, establishing protocols for responding to crime, and educating passengers on safety. The Australian government published a response in 2014. 

Data Breaches

A federal judge gave preliminary approval to a settlement of a class action lawsuit brought by Target customers against the retailer following a data breach that compromised credit and debit card information along with personal identifying information. 

Financial Crime

Utah enacted a law that will create the United States’ first public white collar crime offender registry website. The Utah White Collar Crime Offender Registry will include names and recent photographs of offenders, along with their date of birth, height, weight, and eye and hair color. 

60 Years, 60 Milestones

To celebrate 60th anniversary year of ASIS International, Security Management consulted industry experts and ASIS leaders to develop a list of the top 60 milestones in the history of ASIS and the security industry. Each month, Editor-in-Chief Teresa Anderson has been exploring five milestones in Security Management’s “Editor’s Note.” See the 35 milestones that have been featured so far in “60 Years, 60 Milestones,” and watch for more each month.​