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Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach

CRC Press;; 189 pages; $69.95.

Author Arthur Arway brings the reader into the world of supply chain security by looking at the why, the what, and the how in Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach. He also demonstrates how important it is to instill a culture of security in and around the supply chain, showing how a weak link in the chain can bring the rest of it crashing down.

One section of the book is devoted to the regulations and resources available to a security practitioner; this is especially valuable to people who are new to the field. Additional value is brought to the text by including sample documents such as plans and budgets that can be used in a supply chain security program. Lastly, the addition of real case studies helps to dem­onstrate the lessons taught by this book.

Based on my own experience at the third-largest seaport in the United States, I can confirm that the enormity and complexity of the supply chain can become overwhelming, even to a seasoned security manager. This book certainly earns a place on the bookshelf of the security professional looking to explore the world of supply chain security, as well as the practitioner just starting in the field who needs a solid reference.

Reviewer: Bill Crews, CPP, served as the director of port security and emergency operations at the Port of Houston Authority in Texas. He is a member of the ASIS International Houston Chapter.