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Cyber Crime, Security and Digital Intelligence

Gower Publishing;; 300 pages; $119.95.

National security leaks, retail data breaches, and financial fraud are among the cybercrimes that have proliferated as more and more information is accessible via the Internet. This original and creative book describes the risks to data and systems—from inside jobs to complex external attacks—and presents some defensive strategies.

While cybersecurity and digital intelligence are the necessary responses to these challenges, security measures are often misunderstood. Author Mark Johnson, with 30 years’ experience in operational risk management and fraud control, offers authoritative and accessible advice. For example, his explanation of intrusion detection systems is direct and complete; he describes the two basic classes and examines their advantages and interdependencies with great clarity.

The book walks the readers through case studies and regulatory mandates. It describes in plain, nontechnical language how cyber crime has evolved and the nature of the latest threats. Illuminating photos, graphics, and charts support the text.

Written with common sense, the book tackles a subject that is often shrouded in mystery and fear. It can be a valuable reference for anyone who wishes to protect their organization from reputational and financial damage. Both seasoned professionals and the uninitiated can benefit from discussions of countermeasures, best practices, and challenges for the future.

Reviewer: Colonel Kuljeet Singh, CPP, recently deceased, was director of business development and planning for Command International Security Services, Inc. and a member of ASIS International.