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Organizational Resilience: Managing the Risks of Disruptive Events, A Practitioners Guide

CRC Press, Availa­ble from ASIS, item #2075; 384 pages; $80 (ASIS member), $88 (nonmember). Also available as e-book.

ANSI/ASIS SPC.1 is now the accepted standard for security managers. Until now, however, there was not a reliable tool to use to plan and implement it. Organizational Resilience is that tool. If anything, the book supplies almost too much information. Using it as a guide, any security manager can understand the standard for security preparedness and continuity in crisis planning, then put it back into effect.

For someone new to the standard, there is a section on disruptive events and management techniques for organizational resilience and adaptability. There are templates that are helpful and take the manager through the steps needed to implement the requirements within the standard.

Seasoned security managers who are already familiar with the ANSI/ASIS.SPC1 Standard can go straight to sections on pre­paring or reviewing existing continuity plans with step-by-step methods for getting started, implementing, reviewing, and renewing a plan.

The book’s planning steps with charts are extremely helpful and easy to use. Additionally, the authors include a case study of a successful implementation of the standard, which is extremely valuable. Any security manager tasked with putting the standard into action should include this book in their library. 

Reviewer: Terry V. Culver, CPP, CMAS (Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialist), is a security program specialist for Georgia Tech Research Institute. A member of ASIS, she has more than 25 years of experience in both defense and industry security management.