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Active Shooter Response Training Manual

School districts and administrators have reacted to school shootings in various ways. Some have addressed security measures and developed plans to involve law enforcement in the continued operations of educational facilities.

Author Scott M. Hyderkhan draws on his military and law enforcement experience to create a well-researched, step-by-step guide for encountering an active shooter and coordinating an after action plan. This book does an exceptional job of identifying many scenarios—with varying threat levels, causalities, breaches, movements, and maneuvers—that responders may experience. The author places a strong emphasis on continued training, which cannot be overstated. The reader will come away with a greater appreciation for procedures and teamwork.

Hyderkhan’s concise writing style doesn’t overwhelm the reader with superfluous police jargon or complex issues. His book is well-stocked with diagrams that explain movements and individual responsibilities. As an added bonus, the author has included a supplemental compact disk, which contains training videos and PowerPoint presentations.

This book is primarily written for military and law enforcement personnel and contains sensitive material. Nevertheless, those in private security will be able to use it as a resource for in-house training.

Reviewer: Dr. Brian L. Royster is an assistant professor at Saint Peter’s University in the Criminal Justice Department. A former state trooper, he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and a member of ASIS International.