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Critical Infrastructure Security: Assessment, Prevention, Detection, Response 

Critical Infrastructure Security: Assessment, Prevention, Detection, Response. Edited by Francisco Flammini. WIT Press,; 326 pages; $264; also available as e-book.

Making sure that critical infrastructures, such as transportation, finance, telecommunications, and energy, remain operational demands a comprehensive and integrated security plan. In this book, editor Francisco Flammini brings together cutting-edge critical infrastructure security information put forth by some of the best security authors of the day.

The book provides a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-art trends, methods, and tools in analyzing and implementing critical infrastructure security. It analyzes assessment, prevention, detection, and response to both natural and intentional threats to critical infrastructure security.

The book evaluates critical infrastructure security from a technological and organizational perspectives, as well as from both physical and digital security views. The editor has brought together methodologies, strategies, and technologies for advancing critical infrastructure security in a way that pushes thinking in the field forward. He includes, as background, threats to critical infrastructure, and then uses formal models, diagrams, and practical scenarios to address how to implement security for critical infrastructures in an integrated way.

This book is suitable for security professionals who work in the critical infrastructure field.

Reviewer: David P. Sayer has 26 years’ experience in the security industry. He is currently assigned as the security manager-North America East for a faith-based organization. He is a member of the ASIS International Cultural Properties Council and owner of Orion Security Consulting LLC.