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Investigations in the Workplace, Second Edition

Investigations in the Workplace, Second Edition. By Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, PCI. CRC Press, Available from ASIS, item #2002; 603 pages; $79 (ASIS member), $87 (nonmember).

The methodology and processes of workplace investigations are dynamic rather than static. This type of investigative work can require a somewhat different approach from other investigations. The workplace investigator must have a proven, ethical, and legal method for conducting an investigation, and—even more important—a clear purpose that falls in line with HR policy and procedures.

The objective of Investigations in the Workplace is to provide a fundamental understanding of workplace investigations. It is aimed both at those currently tasked with the job and also at students and practitioners in other disciplines who might want to learn about this field. Experienced author and security professional, Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, PCI, has successfully updated his previous work on the subject.

The book is extremely well written, thoughtfully organized, and replete with pertinent examples including historical investigative events. It also discusses current best investigative practices built around 16 common mistakes investigators make in the workplace. The book will help investigators establish a purpose for, and follow a meaningful process in, conducting an investigation.

Each chapter begins by listing the key learning points for that chapter and then fully addressing each. Chapters also contain tips, case studies, diagrams, and checklists that are informative and easy to understand. The comprehensive appendix contains investigative terms, surveillance timelines, and reports.

This book is an important read for security professionals at any level, including students in criminology, corporate security practitioners, human resources employees, attorneys, and law enforcement personnel who are associated with workplace investigations.

Reviewer: David P. Sayer has 26 years’ experience in the security industry including manager of investigations for a faith-based organization. He is a member of the ASIS International Cultural Properties Council and owner of Orion Security Consulting.