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Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Fourth Edition

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Fourth Edition. By James Broder, CPP, and Eugene Tucker, CPP. Butterworth-Heinemann. Available from ASIS, item #1981; 368 pages; $69 (ASIS member), $76 (nonmember).

Managing risk in today’s rapidly changing corporate environment is challenging. James Broder and Eugene Tucker take much of the guesswork out of this challenge with Risk Analysis and the Security Survey.

Written in two parts, the book takes the reader beyond merely conducting the risk analysis in part one to what happens should preparedness fail. Part two introduces emergency management and business continuity and succinctly describes the functional roles of various governmental agencies. The authors are careful to point out the holistic nature of effective risk anal­ysis—that the process must span the entire reach of the organization and not just “fill a square” for one or two departments.

Throughout Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, the authors provide meaningful charts, graphs, and sample documents to reinforce the processes described. Later, appendices guide the security professional through the development of survey worksheets and contingency plans. From cover to cover, this is a valuable resource for security professionals at all career stages.

Here's a review of the Third Edition by Jerry D. Loghry, CPP, CSP.

Reviewer: Terry L. Wettig, CPP, is director of international security audits for Brink’s, Incorporated. A retired U.S. Air Force chief master sergeant, he is a member of ASIS International.