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Security Management for Sports and Special Events

Security Management for Sports and Special Events. By Stacey Hall, Walter Cooper, Lou Marciani, and James McGee. Human Kinetics,; 280 pages; $49.

The objective of this book is to address comprehensive planning and implementation of security principles for sports and special events. The content is the result of a collaborative effort by experts in this sector who have a wealth of academic and practical experience, so it is perhaps not surprising that they have succeeded in providing an in-depth blueprint that can be used as a guide to securing major events.

The book is thoughtfully organized and well-written, with pertinent historical examples. It also discusses current best practices, including useful technology. The book begins with an overview of the sport-and-special-event industry, highlighting the security challenges, such as multiagency coordination. Subsequent chapters lead the reader through the major aspects of planning and execution. Included are multiagency collaboration, risk assessment, emergency response, and protective measures.

Each chapter includes stated goals of that portion of the text, a case study to illuminate lessons learned, and points for further discussion gleaned from real-world scenarios relevant to topics discussed in the chapter.

Chapter eight is particularly important in that it is geared to planning exercises that test the security plan and multiagency response. Included are criteria for workshops, tabletop exercises, drills, computer simulations, and full-scale scenario exercises. The appendix is rich, with many useful templates, guidelines, and considerations for putting in place a successful security plan.

This book is an important read for security professionals in this sector. It might also provide valua­ble insights for anyone responsible for securing other types of venues, especially when faced with a multiagency effort.

Reviewer: David P. Sayer has 25 years’ experience in the security industry, including major venue security preparation and execution. He is a member of the ASIS International Cultural Properties Council and owner of Orion Security Consulting.