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The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management, Third Edition

The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management, Third Edition. Andrew Hiles, editor. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,; 832 pages; $57.95.

The only thing we can rely on is uncertainty.” With these wise words, editor Andrew Hiles introduces the reader to the third edition of The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management.

This tome builds on the foundation laid by its two earlier editions, assembling the collective wisdom of 38 experts from around the world in the fields of disaster recovery and business continuity planning (BCP). Hiles has done this very well. Each section stands on its own and integrates well into the overall package, ensuring complete coverage of all aspects of BCP.

The book is divided into two main sections and four appendices. Topics addressed include strategic issues relating to management and actual BCP methodologies. The appendices expand these concepts into practical areas, including case studies, managerial guidance, resources (such as professional associations and certification organizations), international legislation and standards, and other important matters. The book’s glossary is very helpful and includes the essential terminology in this field.

Overall, The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management is both well-written and comprehensive. It is particularly strong in bringing its international focus to bear in identifying cultural and national differences in dealing with disasters and business continuity. Perhaps the text’s only real weakness is in Appendix 3, an otherwise useful resource compilation that inexplicably omits universities and lists only a few research centers. 

Nonetheless, this book is well worth its price and will help security professionals prepare for the inevitable bumps in the road that threaten their organizations.

Reviewer: Mayer Nudell, CSC (Certified Security Consultant), is an independent consultant on crisis management, contingency planning, travel security, and related issues. He is an adjunct professor at Webster University, with publications including The Handbook for Effective Emergency and Crisis Management and No One a Neutral: Political Hos­tage-Taking in the Modern World. He is a member of ASIS International.