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​Photo credit: Sherry Harowitz

Airport Security Market Strong Growth Projected

In the wake of last week's scare in which explosives hidden in printer toner cartridges made it onto both cargo and passenger aircraft, several organizations are predicting increased demand for airport security technology, writes Mike Moran, editor of Security Management Buyers Guide. In a new report, he notes, Global Industry Analysts (GIA) predicts that airport security will reach US$289 billion by the year 2015. GIA says the rise of terrorist activity directed at the U.S. from developing countries such as Yemen puts pressure squarely on the airline industry to upgrade and ensure the efficiency of current security measures.

 "In the wake of explosives being shipped from Yemen to the U.S. on Oct. 29, Yemeni authorities are stepping up efforts to boost security,"  writes Aviation Week. "One measure likely to be adopted is 100% air freight screening,"  the publication reports.