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MI5 Offers Antiterror Advice

SHAKESPEARE called England “a precious stone set in a silver sea,” protected from “the envy of less happier lands.” Today’s Britons know that they need more than geography to protect them from foreign threats. And since it is not a battle that government can fight alone, the country’s domestic counterintelligence and security agency, MI5, is reaching out to the private sector, offering advice in a three-part booklet.

A security planning section discusses risk management and business continuity. A section on protective security covers physical security, staff protection, information security, and disposal of sensitive data.

Section three involves dealing with bombs, from handling bomb threats to planning for evacuations to creating protected spaces.

Because most of the information is general and basic, the booklet is best-suited for small businesses. Some of the tips are tailored to British audiences, such as the note that contract staff who operate CCTV equipment must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority. Despite this British bent, most of the advice applies to any business.