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Security Design

How security is integrated into public spaces was the topic of a symposium held by theAmerican Society of Landscape Architects. Among the examples discussed was the well-known Battery Park City, a 90-acre planned community at the southern tip of Manhattan, which incorporates military fortification strategies and technologies developed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Plans for the Washington Monument, which include about 800 shade and flowering trees that will double as vehicular barriers, were also discussed, as were security design features at the Chicago Federal Plaza. Topics included balancing building security with design, historic preservation, and liability concerns; security design after 9-11; design guidance to reduce potential terrorist attacks; and new standards and technologies. In one paper that discusses balancing building security with other factors, presenters offer tables on important security planning considerations, such as how to harden historic walls without sacrificing original materials and the importance of standoff distance and setback requirements.