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Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Centers Wins 2022 ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year Award

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Andy Cutler
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Security experts. Michael J. Fagel, Ph.D., CEM, Rick C. Mathews, MS, NRP (ret.) and J. Howard Murphy, PhD, FacEM, CEM, NRP offer an insightful look into the world of emergency management

Alexandria, VA (2 August 2022)—ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management professionals, today announced that Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), 2nd edition (published by Taylor & Francis) was selected as its 2022 ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year.

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“Michael Fagel's highly anticipated second edition of the Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Center is a unique book covering all aspects of operations management and all security professionals should consider acquiring this book as the supreme reference in this field,” said Dr. Jean Perois, CPP, Chair of the ASIS Book of the Year committee. “This second edition displays top contributions from experts representing years of practical experience in a permanently evolving discipline. This book is at the same time a reference, a training guide, and a very down-to-earth guide providing direction on all aspects and types of emergency operations. Rarely addressed aspects of emergency operations such as the importance of communications with media, the issue of leadership and decision-making during disasters or crises, are invaluable. In particular, I found the chapters dealing with communications and the media, the importance of leadership in situation of crises, the issue of interrelation between agencies, and the suggested response form terrorist complex attacks an absolute must read.”

The ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year is selected by a panel of ASIS members who review member-authored titles using criteria including relevancy to today’s security threats, importance of the subject in the field, and the uniqueness of the coverage of a new security concept, idea, or technology. Runners-up for this year’s award include:

  • School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, 2nd edition by Paul Timm, PSP
  • Security Operations Management, 4th edition by Robert McCrie, CPP and Seungmug Lee

“My colleagues and I have spent decades in crisis management and response. We, as the editors and chapter authors, have seen what happens all too often when there is a lack of planning that decimates the event response and recovery,” stated Dr. Fagel. “The 2nd edition builds on years of events that occurred since the 1st edition. The new edition covers events occurring through 2021, pandemic safety as well as continuous improvement in planning from current events. This award recognizes the teamwork that is the hallmark of our team of editors and authors, that of the 3 Cs -- continuous collaboration and cooperation. Personally, the recognition is shared by every single member of the team that worked tirelessly to bring this edition to life. It is our shared goal to make sure that the lessons we have learned will help others that come after us, for the future.”

Previous ASIS Book of the Year winners include:

2021: Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment: The Definitive Threat Identification and Threat Reduction Handbook, Ernie Hayden, PSP

2020: Strategic Security: Forward Thinking for Successful Executives, Jean Perois, CPP

2019: Soft Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack (2nd Edition), Jennifer Hesterman, PhD.

2018: The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security, Steve Van Till

2017: Managing Critical Incidents and Large-Scale Event Security, Eloy Nuñez and Ernest G. Vendrell, CPP

2016: Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection (2nd Edition), Thomas L. Norman, CPP, PSP

2015: Soft Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack (1st Edition), Jennifer Hesterman, Ph.D.

2014: Crisis Management and Emergency Planning: Preparing for Today’s Challenges, Michael J. Fagel, Ph.D.

To learn more about how you can be considered for next year’s ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year, please email [email protected].


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