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Mirza Sheraz Altaf, CPP, shares his #MyASIS story, discussing how the membership community has impacted his professional development and his appreciation for the members who have influenced not only his membership journey, but his career as well. Altaf is a Senior Security Specialist- Corporate HSSE, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy. He is based in Qatar.


The ASIS community has influenced my professional development in many ways. I had not been active in any society/association in my school life, and I was a little bit introvert before becoming a ASIS member. However, after joining, I have been able to explore a totally different journey of confidence, passion, and especially my real self.

It all begins with the encouragement of ASIS Dubai Chapter 250, where for the first time in my life, I not only started participating in chapter meetings regularly, but also organizing these meetings from point A to B.

I also enjoy the benefit of networking with international fellow members. I server as a Young Professional (YP) Community liaison at ASIS conferences, chapter meetings, and as part of the YP Community's global outreach and engagement program, of which I am currently a vice-chair.

I completed my CPP certification by utilizing complimentary study chapter study groups, at that time organized by Mr. Peter Page, and have since volunteered as instructor for CPP study sessions for the past four years. I'm proud of the role that I play in building awareness about certification. When pursuing certification, I received the ASIS Foundation's Road to Certification Scholarship in honor of Allan J. Cross. In spreading the word about this scholarship and my region's complimentary study groups, I have helped other members achieve certification themselves.

Furthermore, my ASIS membership has helped me explore myself, improved my self-awareness, discipline, and motivation, and resulted in a better version of myself with amazing career opportunities ultimately. All this became possible, due to the encouragement of Mr. Peter Page (Dubai chapter vice-chair), Mr. John Cowling (regional chair), Mr. Phillip Johson (Dubai secretary), and Mr. Nadeem Iqbal. These gentlemen have all played a vital role in my career development and the quality of fruit I reaped from the ASIS community.

I must say, I am thankful to all of them and the ASIS community from the bottom of my heart.