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What's in a Word?

Security professionals play an integral role in today's society. ASIS International is here to support everyone in the world of security, in the mission to keep people and communities safe.

Member Interviews

Business Espionage in the Supply Chain

Are you protecting your intellectual property along the supply chain? James Acevedo, CPP, from the ASIS Supply Chain & Transportation Security Community, explains how IP is targeted in development and transit and how organizations can better identify security lapses—both physical and cyber—through in-depth due diligence.


Frankenstein Fraud—and 6 Tips to Combat It

Isaac Trask, member of ASIS International's Banking and Financial Services Community’s Steering Committee Member and Chair of the Fraud Sub-Committee, shares his insights on how organizations can minimize both the threat and potential losses of Frankenstein Fraud.

Managing Civil Unrest | Mangesh Sawant

In February, Mangesh Sawant, Senior Vice President of Riskpro India, spoke with Security Management magazine about the changing role of The Chief Security Strategist in an Age of Uncertainty--discussing geopolitical risk, corporate espionage, insider threat, and more. Here, he shares with the ASIS Blog some of his experiences managing instances of civil unrest.

Gender Balance in Security in America, the EU, and Ukraine

Despite international and national programs promoting equal rights and opportunities for men and women in the security field, the gender balance in many countries leaves much to be desired. We interviewed female security industry representatives from America, the European Union and Ukraine to compare the gender inequality issues, cultural and traditional stereotypes, and restrictions in women's professional development exist in their countries.

Making a Difference: ASIS President John Petruzzi, CPP

An ASIS member for nearly 20 years, John A. Petruzzi, Jr., CPP, will serve as president of the association’s Global Board of Directors in 2021. The ASIS Blog asked Petruzzi to discuss the impact of his ASIS volunteer roles on his career.


September 2021: Insider Threats and Insider Care, Plus Bystander Intervention

“Access rules the landscape—every attacker wants it, and every employee has it,” says Jon Ford at Mandiant, who joins this month’s episode, sponsored by Alert Enterprise, to discuss insider threat elements and how to address risks and resilience. Also in this episode, Willem Ryan shares insider threat vs. insider care guidance, and Emily May breaks down the options available to bystanders who could intervene in harassment.

August 2021 Bonus: The State of Jihadist Terrorism and the Situation in Afghanistan

Scott Stewart, vice president of intelligence for TorchStone Global, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the history and current status of two major jihadist terrorist groups—al Qaeda and the Islamic State—and what their shift toward grassroots terrorism means for security professionals. In addition, Stewart explains the current situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s aims, and what the latest upheaval in the Middle East may mean for global security and terrorism.

August 2021: Cultures of Safety, Not Surveillance; Shifts in Critical Infrastructure

In this episode of Security Management Highlights, sponsored by AlertEnterprise, Mohammed Shehzad discusses the unique and complex nature of university security technology and how to manage technology portfolios and lifecycles. On the critical infrastructure front, AlertEnterprise CSO Mark Weatherford outlines the growth of cyber threat awareness and regulation, then Ross Johnson, CPP, shares good news about protecting electrical power and utilities in North America.

July 2021: Global Organized Crime Evolution; Integrating Community Outreach into Baseball Security

Adam Darrah from Vigilante explains how pandemic closures, stressors, and funding triggered changes in organized crime worldwide, including criminals blatantly advertising their skills and wares on social media. Then, Phil Melcher, CPP, from the St. Louis Cardinals, explains how Busch Stadium integrates its security efforts with the local community to address crime, develop strategies, and be good neighbors.