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In need of a subject matter expert? Councils support ASIS’ vast knowledge base. By focusing on specific security practice areas, councils offer channels to contribute your expertise, resources to increase professional effectiveness, and programming relevant to your sector of security management.

Explore our councils advancing security in these 34 key areas:
Academic and Training Programs
Banking and Financial Services
Commercial Real Estate
Crime Prevention and Loss Prevention
Crisis Management and Business Continuity
Cultural Properties
Defense and Intelligence
Economic Crime
Executive Protection Council
Fire and Life Safety
Food Defense and Agriculture Security
Gaming and Wagering Protection
Global Terrorism and Political Instability
Healthcare Security
Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism Security
Information Asset Protection and Pre-Employment Screening
Information Technology Security
Law Enforcement Liaison
Leadership and Management Practices
Military Liaison
Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industry Security
Pharmaceutical Security
Physical Security
Retail Loss Prevention
School Safety and Security
Security Applied Sciences Ad Hoc Council
Security Architecture and Engineering
Security Services
Supply Chain and Transportation Security
Transitions Ad Hoc Council
Utilities Security
Women in Security Council
Young Professionals Council

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The Latest from ASIS Councils

Security on the Internet of Things: An ESRM Perspective

IT Security Council, 2018

According to the paper, “The uses of the IoT to build this Smart World are convenient and bring a new level of mobile management to every aspect of consumer and business activities. However, the IoT brings with it, not just convenient access for users of the things, but also convenient access for those wanting to exploit those things. More access points provide more opportunities for attackers to get in. More communication provides more online traffic to siphon information from. More control provides more ability to hijack that control.”