Sample Program Expenses

​​The table below identifies typical expenses for an on-site program based on a class size of 10-20 people for two days. Additional fees for over twenty run $350 per person. Fees are subject to change at any time.

ASIS will send a formal proposal containing actual program expenses upon receipt of your inquiry.

Program Fee ​Fees cover existing programs. Additional fees apply for customized programs. ​$2,000 per day
Instructor Fee ​Instructor fees are assessed per instructor at a rate of $200/lecture-hour domestically and $300/lecture-hour internationally. ​TBD
Program Advisor Fee ​Serves as facilitator and subject matter expert. ​$500 per day + lecture fee if applicable
​Faculty & Program Advisor​Recieve per diem of $80/day for meals
Airfare for faculty/Staff ​ ​ASIS staff require economy fare domestically and business fare internationally. One staff person attends a custom program, generally. ​TBD
Hotel & Travel ​Faculty/Staff Travel expenses include, but are not limited to: hotel (3-star or higher), meals, and ground transportation.Travel and hotel may be handled directly by the contractor or an estimate will be included in the proposal and additional billing will be sent at the conclusion of the program.​
​Course Materials All programs require a workbook. The contractor has the option to purchase one set of handouts and prepare the notebooks, or it could cost up to $50 per student if ASIS prepares the books.​ See Host Responsibilities for a breakdown. ​Range from $50-$100/per student
Venue/Facility ​The host organization is required to contract for appropriate training facilities. In most cases, the training is held within the host's facility at no cost.
Food & Beverage ​The host organization is required to coordinate food venues and locations for beverages throughout the training.