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Supply Chain and Transportation Council Offers Advice for Mass Transit Security Awareness Programs

27 July 2017

mass transit cover.pngThe ASIS Supply Chain and Transportation Security Council has released a white paper on Mass Transit Safety, which emphasizes the importance of security awareness programs and including details on the terror threat cycle. The paper urges transit ​organizations to implement robust and proactively reinforced mass transit security awareness programs for all staff members. Heightened intelligence of passengers, law enforcement personnel, and security officials severely decreases the chance of a terrorist threat or attack. According to the paper, "The incorporation of the threat cycle into agency security awareness training and public awareness messages can be vital to the prevention of an attack."  

mass transit chart.png
Examples from "Mass Trasit Security" of what to watch for during the operational phase

"Mass Transit Security" explores the effects and reasons behind terrorism on transit systems and identifies the steps of the threat cycle with clear lists of what to look out for. This concise framework allows for practical education of passengers, transit staff, and other officials.

Public transportation makes up 35% of trips to work worldwide, according to, including more than 10 billion rides annually in the U.S. alone, according to the American Public Transit Association. More than 50% of public transit attacks from 1920-2000 occurred on buses (32%) and trains and subways (26%). However, from 1997-2000, attacks on buses rose to 41%. The familiar nature of a public bus system makes them easy targets for terror threats, and internationally, bus service is the most predominant form of public transportation, making safety awareness crucial. The advice enclosed could make a difference in one's life when they least expect needing it.

The council strongly encourages all organizations to incorporate mass transit security training sessions and education into their staff education programs and provides guidance for doing so. It is hoped that heightened awareness, intelligence and proactivity will prevent future terror attacks and lead to greater public confidence.

The full white paper can be downloaded here.