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New Risk Management Standard to Replace Two Legacy Standards

31 May 2017

In June, ASIS will release a new ANSI Standard, Security and Resilience in Organizations and Their Supply Chains (ORM.1), which provides a systematic approach to managing risk related to an organization's operations and its supply chain.

The new standard will replace two legacy standards, Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management Systems (SPC.1) and Business Continuity Management Systems (BCM). The ORM.1 will unify the approaches in both these standards under a risk-based framework. As a result, the SPC.1 and BCM will be removed from the website and online store. Now is your final opportunity to download these two standards.

ORM.1 will also replace the SPC.1 and BCM standards in the CPP reference material. Once the new standard is released, all questions from the CPP exam that were mapped to SPC.1. or BCM will be remapped to ORM.1. You may use either the new standard or the legacy standards to study for your CPP exam, as they will both share the same references to any exam material. However, the content in the new standard will be more relevant to the current state of security management and ASIS recommends utilizing it for this reason. 

Note: The CPP exam is not changing, ASIS is only updating two items in the reference material. Questions about the reference material? Contact ​