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Congratulations to Recent Scholarship and Award Winners

03 August 2017

​​​​​​​​ASIS Foundation

​​​​​​​The ASIS Foundation is dedicated to supporting our members, our profession, and our communities. With the support of ASIS International, member and chapter donations and corporate support, the Foundation is able to invest in elevating security practice through research and education.

University of Phoenix / Jeff Greipp "Secure Your Future" Full Tuition Scholarships

The University of Phoenix awards, through the ASIS Foundation, awards full-tuition scholarships providing prospective students the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or master’s degree that furthers their security career.

2017 Winners
Bill Crews.jpg

"One of my long-term goals has been to 'pay it forward' by helping new generations of security managers by becoming engaged in teaching at the college level."

William Crews

"My goals are to make a positive impact in both the private and public sector by juxtaposing both fields and applying the strengths of each sector to both the public and private [security] industry."

Luis Escamilla

"I am eager to increase my knowledge in security management in order to be able to lead my employer to an advanced level of security. My focus us to create a secure and safe work environment for employees and customers."

Landon Johnson

"Having grown to love the field of security, I will earn a degree in this field to anchor my effectiveness as I move forward."

Kelly Maddox

"As a security practitioner currently, a Master of Public Administration degree will help me enhance the current policies and practices within my healthcare organization and ensure the safety and security of our assets, staff, and patients."

Clifford Mix

"By earning a Bachelor of Science in Security Management with a Critical Incident Response Certificate, I will set the example to my children that it is never to late to pursue a degree. My goals in this field include pursuing my education and combining experience and knowledge to offer the best solutions available to protect people and property."

Emily Sullivan

The Charles H. “Sandy” Davidson IV Memorial Scholarship Webster University Scholarships

Webster University, through the ASIS Foundation, awards two full-tuition scholarships to two ASIS members to complete a graduate degree in Business and Organizational Security Management.

2017 Winners

"My current career objectives include building a stronger partnership between law enforcement and security officers and provide more in-depth training that relates to corporate organizations and contract security companies. By improving this partnership, communication, and training, this region will experience a reduction in crime and a growth in businesses."

Michael Kaufman

"I see a growing need to create mutual understanding in the public/private sector. I want to be as knowledgeable as possible in all aspects of physical security to address the growing concerns that not only companies face, but that the public is asking to be addressed. Providing education to the public concerning these security risks and providing the right tools is vital."

Lindsey Silva

​​ ​

Young Professionals Council

The Young Professionals Council advances its mission to educate and develop young careerists by providing a forum to engage and learn from security thought leaders, get involved with ASIS programs and activities, and connect with peers from across the globe.

Young Professional Seminar Experience Award

This award provides an opportunity for three ASIS young professional members to attend the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2017) free of charge. Winners will receive a complimentary All-Access Pass to ASIS 2017, lodging during the conference, and a $500 USD airfare voucher.

2017 Winners

"My professional goal is to continually enhance my career by rigorously keeping abreast with industry’s trend, increase my competencies in order to proportionately increase my credibility, and develop a salient voice in the international arena. I hope to be future industry leader and a mentor for younger professionals."

McLean Essiene, CPP, PCI

"I believe I’ve always had the motivation behind wanting to be in the security field whether I knew it at first or not. Ever since I was young I was drawn to helping and protecting others. My long term professional goal is to manage a team of professionals who utilize intelligence to thwart threats either publicly or against a private corporation in a high paced environment."

Scot Nabors

"My professional goal is to run a corporate security department. I want to continue working with starting the conversation and spreading the word on women in executive protection. I feel that as an industry we are not doing all that we can to recruit women and keep them long term. I wrote an article for ASIS Security management on the subject, “Women in Executive Protection”. This article opened the door to many difficult conversations on women in this industry."

Rachael Paskvan