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ASIS Store at GSX 2019

Come​ to the ASIS Store at GSX 2019—your once a year opportunity to peruse security publications and certification materials for on-site purchase. You’ll find new and best-selling titles as well as classic references on topics in security management, investigations, and physical security.

The ASIS Store will be located in the Grand Concourse Lobby, adjacent to registration and across from the Exhibit Hall.

Book Signings

Monday, 8 September

10:00 am
Jennifer Hesterman
Soft Target Hardening, 2nd edition
ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year

10:30 am
Paula Ratliff
Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship, 2nd edition

11:00 am
Ernest Vendrell, CPP
Managing Critical Incidents and Large-Scale Event Security

11:30 am
Gene Ferraro, CPP, PCI, and Jonathan Rose, CPP, PCI, PSP
The Official ASIS International Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) Study Guide

12:00 noon
Cynthia Hetherington
The Manual to Online Public Records

1:30 pm
Alan Zajic, CPP, and Derk Boss, CPP
Casino and Gaming Resort Investigations

Tuesday, 10 September

10:00 am
Michael Fagel
Crisis Management and Emergency Planning: Preparing for Today's Challenges

10:30 am
Michael D'Angelo, CPP
From Police to Security Professional: A Guide to a Successful Career Transition

11:00 am
Kevin Doss, CPP, PSP
The Official ASIS International Physical Security Professional (PSP®) Study Guide

Wednesday, 11 September

10:00 am
Christina M. Holbrook, David E. Bixler, and Eugene A. Rugala
Workplace Violence: Issues in Threat Management

10:30 am
Bruce Wimmer, CPP
Business Espionage: Risks, Threats, and Countermeasures

11:00 am
Tom Henkey
Urban Emergency Management

Thursday, 12 September

10:15 am
Tarah Wheeler (In the ASIS Hub)
Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories