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ASIS International Celebrated Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at GSX 2019

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General John F. Kelly Addressed Conference Attendees

Chicago, IL (September 11, 2019)ASIS International, the world's largest association for security management professionals, celebrated Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day today at Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019. General John F. Kelly, U.S. Marine Corps (RET) gave the general session keynote address and expressed his appreciation for all first responders and security professionals. Military, law enforcement, and first responders were offered free admission to the conference today, including the show floor, education sessions, and General Kelly’s speech. The face of security changed around the globe on September 11, 2001, and ASIS International is proud to honor all those who work to keep our world safe and resilient.

In his remarks, General Kelly provided his distinct perspective on today’s complex political landscape. Regarding China, General Kelly shared his view that their long-term view of planning and objectives is a great advantage, adding, “China doesn’t want or expect to be in an armed conflict with the United States, but they are prepared.” In comments on Russia, he suggested that everyone should read the Mueller report and stated “the fact is that the Russians attempted to influence our election” in 2016.

General Kelly also touched on changes in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency structures and policies since 9/11 and described how the dramatically increased collaboration across the intelligence and enforcement agencies in recent years has made the country much safer. Terrorism is not just an American problem, he cautioned—it is a global trend, and “it’s not going away.”

In the GSX 2019 exhibit hall, security professionals experienced the latest security products firsthand from more than 550 exhibitors and were wowed by live demonstrations. For example, in the D3 area (Drones, Droids, Defense), Gregg Pugmire, Vice President of Sales, Fortem Technologies, described emerging challenges with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that can fly without needing a radio link for guidance. In addition to being difficult to detect, these ‘RF silent’ models resist electronic jamming. In a dramatic demonstration, the company showed how an autonomous protection drone can disable and capture a drone intruder, then transport it to a safe designated location.

In a Game Changer educational session titled “Using High Beam Leadership to Navigate Disruption and Change,” Scott Klososky, Founder and Principal at TriCorps Technologies helped attendees discover which skills are needed to deliver strong leadership in today’s volatile security environment and how to apply those skills successfully in order to emerge stronger and more resilient.

In a session on Red Teaming Enterprise Security Risks, K. Campbell, Security Consultant, used the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo as an exercise to demonstrate the process of Alternative Analysis. This powerful methodology can be applied in advance of an event, or applied broadly to facilities or other situations, to help improve safety and security.

In a session called “The Gap Between School Violence and Security Solutions: What’s Missing” Rick Shaw, Founder of Awareity, and Jason Destein, Founder of Securable Alternatives, observed that there is enormous potential for reducing school violence. “After-action reports prove that there were indicators before both the Parkland and Columbine shooting incidents,” Shaw explained. However, these ‘red flags’ were disconnected and siloed—some were known by parents, some by law enforcement, some by bus drivers, and so on. The presenters described a system for bringing these indicators together and subjecting them to analytics to detect patterns and trends. Destein added, “with that system, the useless individual information could be connected, recognized, and action taken proactively.”

GSX 2019 continues tomorrow, Thursday, September 12, with a number of exciting events, including:

  • Closing general session by Tarah Wheeler, Cybersecurity Policy Fellow, New America (8:30 – 10:00 am; open to all attendees, including expo-only and exhibitors)
  • Game Changer session by Deviant Ollam, Physical Penetration Specialist and Founding Partner/Lead Instructor, The CORE Group (10:30 – 11:15 am)
  • GSX 2019: It’s a Wrap—Highlights, Hot Topics, and Headlines (11:30 am – 12:15 pm)
  • Last chance to meet with technology and solution providers in their booths (10:00 am – 1:00 pm)

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