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As part of its ongoing efforts to identify and document changing practices in the security field, the ASIS Foundation has launched a major study into the ways organizations are converging their physical security, cybersecurity, and business continuity functions.

With the study set for release at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Chicago this 8-12 September, the Foundation has distributed a survey to senior security professionals at organizations in the United States, Europe and India. The survey seeks to determine:

  1. To what extent have companies converged departments or functions?
  2. What have been the benefits and drawbacks of various structures (convergence, partial convergence, distinct units)?
  3. What lessons can be learned from these companies’ experiences?
  4. Are there differences in convergence based on geographic region, size, industry, or type of organization (e.g. public, private, nonprofit)?

The study will provide valuable benchmarking information and sound practices that organizations can use in critical policy decision making.

 "For years, articles have touted the trend towards security convergence, but there is little data to back that up,” said Cy Oatridge, president, ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees. “This new research will provide hard numbers depicting how organizations around the globe are integrating their physical and cybersecurity efforts.”

 For more information, contact Foundation Director Beth McFarland at [email protected] or +1.703.518.1507.