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Advancements in technology have driven significant growth in the security industry over the past 20 years. However, to effectively tackle rising numbers and complexities of threats, particularly those affecting security officers as the front line of defense, further evolution and innovation are necessary. Three trends are shaping the industry towards a more comprehensive approach to safety and the protection of assets. 

Prioritizing Risk Management  

A comprehensive approach to security and risk assessment is becoming the norm for implementing physical security measures and preventing potential threats. As part of this evolution, businesses that previously lacked training or key security solutions are proactively conducting risk assessments and establishing incident response plans. These assessments reveal vulnerabilities in security and determine the necessary security applications or solutions. The risk management approach provides a more strategic approach to security that includes guarding, technology and risk management that optimizes resources and prevent threats. 

Hybrid Security Strategies  

While security officers function as trained observers in the field, there is room for further advancement using hybrid security strategies that combine human elements with technology for a complete approach to security. With physical security presence backed by technology solutions, officers can enhance their security coverage and gather valuable data that might not be attainable otherwise. Utilizing automation also assists officers in focusing on crucial tasks that only a physical security presence can manage. This not only reduces the workload on security personnel but also leads to an increase in data collection that can be used to uncover new vulnerabilities and stop future threats. 

Innovative Technologies  

Innovative technologies are a critical part of these hybrid security strategies. Today's security officers utilize mobile devices, cloud software, drones, cameras, and Innovative Security Operations Center remote services (iSOC); to deliver top-notch comprehensive services. Tools like Prosegur Security's robotic dog, "Yellow", use video analytics to detect and identify potential threats, instantly informing the iSOC or local officers. In general, technology enhances the performance of on-site officers and expands their situational awareness. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, officers can closely monitor virtually every area within the perimeter and only patrol as needed. 


The security industry has encountered numerous challenges in recent years. As in any field, it is crucial to adapt to the present environment to ensure fulfillment of client requirements, including prioritizing risk assessment, utilizing hybrid security approaches, and integrating new and state-of-the-art technologies to reduce risk and protect assets. This will result in a comprehensive approach to security, broadening the security data coverage, enabling efficient detection and response to any potential threats.


Steve Gatlin.jpgSteve Gatlin
Steve Gatlin is Vice President of Technology at Prosegur Security USA, the American subsidiary of one of the largest security companies in the world. He works with all the divisions of Prosegur, leveraging technology to find innovative solutions for Prosegur as well as its clients. He works closely with various manufacturers and software companies to find new security solutions for retail, gaming, government, banking, transportation, commercial and other industry vertical markets.