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Rajiv Ranjan Prakash Singh, CPP, PSP, PCI, spoke with ASIS to share his member journey and achieving triple certification in the hopes of inspiring and helping other professionals. Read on to learn what he had to say.

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Q: What is a typical day like for you? 

A: During my typical workday, I am responsible for protection of assets with my team members as the team is distributed at multiple sites in AIA Engineering Limited, India. I review the security operation center for issues related to security & fire and provide an action plan for SOC team members to execute. I analyze daily site security reports and help team members to work strategically with planning to provide safe and secure environments for all stakeholders. We have discussions on critical points to find out root causes and eliminate such risks. I discuss with the core team and manage all key stakeholders with open communication for improvement. I am using transformational, transactional, charismatic and servant leadership to motivate team members to become professional security team leaders. I am always focused on continuous improvement and learning to protect the organization.  

Q: How were you introduced to ASIS? Why did you decide to become involved? 

A: I met with security auditors of Mahindra and came to know about ASIS certification. Then I explored the ASIS website and understood the importance and contribution of ASIS towards global security practices. ASIS’ global presence and standard practices helped me decide to get involved with this organization. 

Q: What motivated you to pursue ASIS board certification? 

A: ASIS certification demands in Indian companies and diversified knowledge-based subject motivated me for ASIS certification. Study materials of POA and global security best practices enhance the skills of security and risk management professionals. ASIS’ concept of security is very precise and clear for both experienced and new security professionals. 

Q: When did you become certified? How has your certification aided you in performing your job? Does your organization encourage security personnel to be certified? 

A: I am triple crown certified- PSP- December 2021/ CPP- February 2022/ PCI- June 2022. It helped me to convert hands-on experience in security and risk management to a systematic approach and detailed technical knowledge about security systems such as physical, electronic, investigation, risk management, legal compliances. Our organization appreciated the triple crown certification and has given me additional job responsibility. I am also motivating team members to become ASIS certified and sharing knowledge of POAs with training.