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Earning an ASIS board certification is a visible acknowledgment that you possess a mastery of core security principles and skills essential to the best practice of security management. It shows you are committed to excellence, professional growth, and a code of conduct. We want to hear from security professionals who have gotten certified, share your experience, advice, and how certification has benefited your career. Interested? Learn more on how to record your interview below, when you’re ready click the link and get started! We can’t wait to hear from you. Not certified but want to be? Learn more!

ASIS Wants to Hear From You.jpg

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to capture your respective stories at your convenience in simple 3-step process. 

Step 1: Please visit,RT3NLD,F9EREB 

Step 2: Once there you will see the following question prompts. Click on each of the questions to begin your recording. 

  • What informed your decision to get ASIS certified? 
  • How has ASIS certification impacted you career? 
  • What advice would you give those interested in pursuing an ASIS certification? 

All you need to do is hit “record” and in the time allotted (:30-seconds), you can record your answer. Not happy with your response? Not a problem. You can re-record your responses until you are happy with them. 

Step 3: No need to send us anything. Once your recording is done it will be sent to us directly. Once we have your recording, it will then be edited into ASIS branding, similar to this video. 

Once we have received your videos we plan to use them throughout the year in various ways where we promote the benefits of ASIS certification.