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Member Impact Stories

For more than 60 years, ASIS International has helped advance the careers of thousands of security professionals across all industry sectors.

Click the stories below to learn how ASIS membership helped these security professionals grow personally and professionally—and can help you reach new heights in your career​.


Best Practices

Hector Grynberg, CPP, plays a critical role for Time Warner. As the regional security director for Latin America, he knows the security industry inside and out. But this wasn’t always the case. Earlier in his career, when he was entering the security industry from the IT field, he quickly realized how much he didn’t know.

Career Transition

"Because of ASIS, I have an amazing career that is rewarding in so many ways. I owe ASIS so much for helping me meet great friends and mentors which helped open doors to the private sector that would have been difficult to open on my own." Brian Reich, CPP​ | Former Chairman | Law Enforcement Liaison Council

Crisis Management

In the early afternoon of April 15, 2013, terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon. Bonnie Michelman, CPP, the executive director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital, was walking near the hospital and, upon hearing the news, immediately l​aunched into crisis mode.


"When you’re a member of ASIS, you’re a member of an international family. There’s nothing we won’t do to help our fellow members"

Robert Johnson
Training and Development Manager
Securitas Security Services


"When I was presented the opportunity to serve as a volunteer member of the chapter’s leadership, I volunteered to serve as the Membership Chair. After learning the benefits of being an ASIS member, I immediately set out to recruit members to join ASIS and the chapter. " Kevin Sparks | Chapter Chair | Southeast Georgia Chapter

Insider Threats

As the loss prevention manager for Gloria Group in Lima, Peru, Herbert Calderon, CPP, PCI, PSP, is responsible for keeping a close eye on the accuracy of shipments and inventory. That accuracy came into question after the discovery that a “rat” was causing widespread inventory fraud.


As a former CIA Officer with 22 years of experience, Mike Howard initially felt equipped to make his transition to the corporate world as the Director for Executive Protection at Microsoft. However, one year into the job, Mike was elevated to Chief Security Officer.

Crisis Management

"With ASIS, I have a brain trust at my fingertips"

Pat King
Senior Consultant
Sunstates Security, LLC


"ASIS offers mentors and resources so you’ll build the confidence you need to get ahead."

Laurie Simmons, CPP, PSP
Regional Vice President
Vice-Chair, ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council

CSO Center

The CSO Center has provided an outstanding forum to share ideas, lessons learned, and trends within the industry

Bryan Weisbard
Head of Security Analysis, Investigations, & Business Continuity


Every security professional should consider ASIS as a central part of his or her professional portfolio.

Jeffrey Slotnick, CPP, PSP
President and Chief Security Officer
Setracon OR3M