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Recruitment Tips

As the leading association for security management professionals worldwide, ASIS is committed to providing its global community of 34,000 members with a full suite of benefits including:

  • Access to industry news and trends via Security Management, ASIS’s award-winning magazine
  • Steep savings on peer-developed, peer-led education
  • Globally-accepted board certifications that validate your professional competency
  • Free downloads of all ASIS standards and guidelines 
  • Through the new ASIS Connects, unmatched networking opportunities at the local, regional and global level  

There is strength in numbers, and as our membership grows so does our ability to reinvest in the profession.​

​Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • ​Tell the story about why you're a member. Why did you join? What was the most compelling message about ASIS International that made you want to join? If there was a person who influenced your decision to join, why did his/her opinion matter?
  • Provide examples. A positive testimonial is one of the strongest tools. Describe how membership has helped you advance, either via tangible resources or relationships you've developed through ASIS International.
  • Focus on their needs. Do they know ASIS International is the global leader for security professional development, education, certifications, and standards? Make sure they are aware of all the ways ASIS serves as the premier organization for security professionals across all industry sectors.​
  • Let us help you close the deal! ASIS stands ready to help your recruitment efforts. Need a member services staffer to call or send more information to prospects? Simply email ​and we’ll step in. 

New member incentive!

As an exclusive offer, new members who join through a sponsor during our Member-Get-A-Member campaign will receive a free bundle of 2018 Global Security Exchange sessions ($60 value). 


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