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News Release

ASIS International Announces 2010 Professional Certification Board

Alexandria, Va 2010-01-04

ASIS International, the largest organization for security management professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the 2010 Professional Certification Board (PCB). This group is dedicated to the oversight of ASIS’ three internationally accredited professional designations: the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) and the Physical Security Professional (PSP).

“As threats against people, property and information emerge and evolve, global organizations in private and public sectors seek to employ credible, highly skilled security practitioners to preserve and protect their assets,” says Patrick C. Bishop, CPP, the new PCB president. “ASIS board certification is an effective means by which an employer or client can identify a qualified practitioner. The PCB will continue its role in establishing ASIS certifications as professional competency standards.”

Bishop is the general manager of Profile Group of Companies, a leading Canadian-based, risk-management solutions provider that serves industries in the public and private sector.  He has more than 40 years experience in various professional disciplines, including military police security, investigation and intelligence, corporate security management, security consulting, executive protection and specification design and development. 

Members of the 2010 Professional Certification Board:

President Patrick C. Bishop, CPP
General Manager, Profile Group of Companies
Ontario, Canada

Vice President Christina M. S. Duffey, CPP
Security Consultant, Paragon Protection Ltd.
Ontario, Canada

Keith C. Blowe, CPP
Deployment Manager, Transportation Security Administration
Washington, D.C.

Cheryl D. Elliott, CPP, PCI
Lieutenant, Emory University Police Services and Public Information Officer
Atlanta, Ga.

James W. Ellis, CPP, PSP
Physical Security Planner, Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, Iowa

Kenneth M. Freeman, CPP
General Manager, SOC Los Alamos
Los Alamos, N.M.

Alfredo Iturriaga, CPP
Executive Vice President, RacoWind Consultores Ltda.
Santiago, Chile

Sheila D. Johnson, CPP, PSP
Security & Compliance Lead, Blue Grass Chemical Activity
Richmond, Ky.

Richard F. Lisko, CPP
Vice President & General Manager, AlliedBarton Security Services
Houston, Texas

Emblez Longoria, CPP, PSP
Security Specialist, Verizon Security
Lambertville, N.J.

Roger B. Maslen, CPP
District Manager, G4S Security Services Canada Ltd.
Alberta, Canada

Murray D. Mills, CPP
Regional Coordinator Emergency Manager, Ministry of Health
Palmerson North, New Zealand

David J. Moitzheim, CPP, PCI, PSP
Security Specialist, Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minn.

Owen J. Monaghan, CPP
Deputy Chief, Transit Bureau, New York City Police Department
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Allan R. Wick, CPP, PSP
Security Manager, Tri-State Generation and Transmission
Denver, Colo.

The CPP designation is the security industry’s highest recognition of its practitioners. Individuals who have demonstrated expertise in security management principles, concepts, technology and best practices, earn this designation.

The PCI is awarded to security practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings. 

The PSP is awarded to practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation and ongoing evaluation of security measures.

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