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News Release

ASIS Foundation Report Helps Security Managers Plan for Change

New report provides security managers’ perspectives on future demographic, crime and technology trends

Alexandria, Va. 2008-12-12
The ASIS Foundation has released “Planning for Change: Security Managers’ Perspectives on Future Demographic, Crime and Technology Trends,” a report that analyzes future demographic, crime and technology trends in the United States and summarizes how experts anticipate these changes will influence security over the next five to 10 years. In addition, the report offers practical recommendations security managers can adopt now to address these anticipated trends.
The ASIS Foundation contracted the Urban Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan social policy and economic research organization, to forecast demographic and crime trends and to provide guidance for the emerging security challenges that may arise from such predictions. The resulting 50-page report predicts that the U.S. security industry will face many challenges, including an aging workforce, an increasingly diverse population and a growth in high-tech crimes. Click here to download the free PDF. 
The report is divided into three sections by key topic areas: demographic challenges, crime trends and technology. The final section addresses issues that surfaced during a series of roundtable discussions with dozens of security industry experts representing the banking, health care, hospitality, information technology, insurance, retail and transportation sectors. While this publication is tailored to security managers, it will also be useful to a wide array of personnel, including public-sector employees and law enforcement.
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