Technology and Solutions Theatre

Technology and Solutions Theatre

The Technology & Solutions Theatre is the parallel track outside of the main programme and specially designed for exhibitors to showcase their products, services and the expertise to the delegates. This theatre which seats about 20 people is positioned in a prominent spot on the exhibition. This track will be featured on the website and onsite programme. There are only limited slots available, which are assigned on first-come-first serve basis. The time slots are being confirmed as soon as the official conference programme is announced and upon receipt of the payment from exhibitors.

Book your Exhibition space early and take this unique opportunity to speak about your technology, products or services or to do a demonstration!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Benny Kwok, Regional Sales Manager, HK & Macau, HID Global, HK & Macau
11.25 – 11.45
Leading Change in the Secure Identity Ecosystem

The access control industry’s move to open standards is cultivating a broad range of interoperable products with enhanced features and security. Open standards also ensure that solutions can be easily upgraded to support changes in technology and applications, and give users the confidence that investments in today’s technologies can be leveraged in the future. In this session, HID Global will walk through how interoperable solutions significantly improve access control infrastructure and position end-users for emerging technologies.

Jason Dibley, Technical Director, QCC Interscan Ltd, UK
11.50 – 12.10
Corporate Espionage Overview

Jason Dibley Technical Director at QCCV Global investigates some of the traditional, new and emerging technical surveillance threats faced by modern business, examining how modern technology can be used to spy on commercial entities, and steps that can be taken to protect from corporate espionage attacks.

Douglas Florence, Business Development Director, Global Gaming, Avigilon, Canada
14.25 - 14.45
Benefits of HD Surveillance for Gaming Sector

The presentation focuses on the latest developments of HD surveillance withing the gaming sector, and how it allows to improve overall credibility of your business, as well as reduce investigation times. Topics covered will include HD megapixel camera overview, VMS efficient use for monitoring and investigations, tackling gaming sector challenges with the help of HD video surveillance system in place. We will also examine, how newest technology application results in higher revenue stream, profit recovery, loss reduction, increased labour efficiency and employee productivity as well as an array of other benefits within gaming industry.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hector G. Martinez, P.P.S, P.P.S, Business Development Lead, EMC², Asia Pacific & Japan
11.50 – 12.10
Security at a Crossroads: First Responders & the 3rd Platform

Big Data technologies are transforming the Physical Security trade from the way a security operator performs his guard-tour duties to command and control centers managing, storing and protecting mission critical digital evidence in the forms of both logical and physical security workflows. Examples of how high speed and agile analytics are producing actionable intelligence are but a few of value based attributes of evolutionary technologies around creating digital evidence meta-data, to storing, archiving and retrieval in real time.

Martin Drew, CPP, President, iView Systems, Canada
14.50 – 15.10
Event Initiated Investigations and Incident Management

Incident Management and reporting systems are now an essential tool for all Security, Surveillance and Risk Management departments. This presentation provides examples as to how, through technological and operational convergence, the operational value of such systems has been enhanced. All investigations and associated incidents are subject to one or more initiating events. Such events may be result of observations, anonymous reports and audits etc. Leveraging existing technology solutions in use within the security framework through integration enables automatic event triggered Incident Investigations with all related data collated within the core incident file.

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