Justification Toolkit

​​​​​​​Eager to attend the ASIS NYC 2017​, but not sure how to ask your supervisor?​ On this page we have provided several helpful tips for you to demonstrate why ASIS NYC 2017 is an outstanding investment.​

Write a letter to management

Here is a letter/email for you to provide to your supervisor to justify your conference attendance.

Dear [INSERT Decision Maker’s Name],

The ASIS 27th New York City Security Conference and Expo will take place June 7-8 in New York City. I believe my participation would bring new ideas and approaches to our organization, and significantly advance my professional development. I would like to request approval to attend this important security event.

The two day program offers:

  • Education sessions addressing today’s hottest security issues
  • Free access to the Expo featuring the newest products and services from 130+ solution providers
  • Opportunities to network with over 2,500 peers from the public and private sectors

I intend to use the knowledge I gain to cost-effectively improve our security practices and to share this information with our department. I will also make available the conference materials to you and my colleagues. If you deem it valuable, I will create a brief presentation or report on the highlights of the event:

  • Outlining the content of conference’s education sessions,
  • Comparing exhibiting products and services that we should consider for our needs, and
  • Listing the details of new contacts​ made at the event.

Specifically, I would like to attend the following sessions: [list the sessions]

In addition, I will meet with the following exhibitors that I believe offer solutions that can benefit our organization. [use the show planner to search by product type, company name]

A detailed cost breakdown is included below.

  • Registration: [$xxx]
  • Transportation: [$xxx]
  • Hotel: [$xxx - see ASIS Housing Bureau for pricing​]
  • Miscellaneous: [$xx]

In the end, I think this opportunity will yield rich dividends in securing [INSERT your organization’s name] in the most efficient, practical, and effective way. Thank you again for your consideration.

[INSERT your typical signature]