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Now That's a Lie! Critical Look at Current Techniques and Tactics for Detecting Deceit

Monday, 8 December
Breakout 1

The presentation will cover reasons for lying, verbal and nonverbal cues to deception. We will cover common beliefs about detecting lies and why do we often fail in detecting deception. We will go through all the currently available techniques that are commercially available and we will take a critical look at the effectiveness of each technique. In the end we will also cover how people can improve their lie detection skills. A must for people working in security, fraud detection, recruitment, HR and legal departments.

Presented by: Totti Karpela, Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management Company Ltd, China

Totti has 24 years of active law enforcement work including work as the supervisor of a police threat management service. In his current role in the private sector Totti has worked with presidential candidates, media companies, celebrities, educational facilities as well as multi-national corporations specializing in threat assessment and case management. He provides behavioural and security consultation in numerous global corporations on a weekly basis. Totti has also worked as a subject matter expert for the European Council and OSCE in violent crime prevention projects. Totti is currently the CEO of two threat management companies, one in Europe and the other in Asia and is also the president of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals.