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Horizon Scanning: How Can Security Professionals Utilise This Methodology

Tuesday, 9 December
Breakout 1

The significance of “Horizon Scanning” is being increasingly appreciated by both commercial organisations and governments. The UK government recognised its strategic and innovative value by establishing its Horizon Scanning Unit. Horizon Scanning is now making a greater contribution to strategic planning, risk management and policy development across commercial and governmental arenas. Research prioritisation is also benefiting from the increased level of scanning that provides innovative outputs to guide ongoing and future research activities. Policy makers and strategy practitioners now rely heavily on Horizon Scanning to make informed decisions. Can security professionals utilise this methodology to enhance their strategic planning.

Presented by: Bruce Braes, CPP, Director, Organisational Resilience, Australia

Bruce Braes an internationally experienced security risk and resilience consultant. He has worked across Europe, Asia and Africa, and has provided services to over 100 leading organizations including Chevron Texaco, British Gas, Proctor & Gamble, Vodafone, European Central Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Rio Tinto and Coca-Cola. He holds Masters Degrees in Risk Management from Swinburne University and Security Management from the University of Loughborough, is a Board Certified CPP™ and a Certified Security Consultant. He holds PhD Candidature at Edith Cowan University where he is conducting research into Organisational Resilience. His professional affiliations include: Fellow, The Security Institute; Director, Risk Management Institute Australasia; Asst. Regional Vice President, ASIS International, Region 15; Member, South African Institute of Security; Specialist Member, Institute of Risk Management.