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From Copyright Infringement to Online Intelligence - What Piracy Big Data Can Tell You

Big data allows businesses and governments to anticipate trends and risks, indicating whether their networks and information are being compromised. On the one hand there are interesting online consumption patterns which can bring about new business innovations. On the other hand there are risks to the use of file sharing networks and downloading of files that may contain malware. Situational awareness is also desirable when important or valuable information has been distributed without permission. Analyze and protect the movement of digital information online. Anticipate new trends and consumer behavior.

Business impacts of this session

  • Expand your view as to what type of content internet users in all sorts of places are currently knowingly and unknowingly downloading and uploading online and how that can affect your business, information and network integrity.
  • Horizontal learning – cross sector value: Why bother being worried about cyber attacks and cyber espionage if your own employees leave the digital front and back doors of your company or government networks wide open?
  • In a world where everything is going digital, at the expense of physical commercial and government transactions and communication, it’s important to make sure traditional legal offline transactions can be properly replaced and substituted by equally lucrative legal online transactions and to have those online transactions be safe and secure. The trend currently however, is that traditional legal offline transactions are having to compete with illegal online transactions which not only move revenue away from legitimate product and rights owners, but are also jeopardizing network and information security across the board.


Mr Pascal Hetzscholdt, Anti-Piracy Specialist EMEA, MarkMonitor, part of Thomson Reuters, UK

Pascal Hetzscholdt joined MarkMonitor, part of Thomson Reuters, in 2011 to support the company’s EMEA anti-piracy operations. With years of experience in dealing with piracy and cybercrime related issues, Pascal is applying his knowledge and skills to the important area of content protection and copyright enforcement online, in which MarkMonitor are the industry experts. Through his career, Pascal has been responsible for digital content protection on behalf of various businesses, including Warner Bros., NBC Universal and the Motion Picture Association of America. He has also supported the Dutch National Police in their fight against computer crimes, acting as their Cybercrime Policy Adviser.