Beyond Bodyguards: Executive Protection in a High-Risk World

Today’s global environment demands sophisticated assessment and preparation, in addition to proven operational processes and proactive crisis planning. Protective intelligence and behavioral assessment allow security practitioners to identify viable risks against an organization and its executives and to determine appropriate security measures. Attendees will hear firsthand accounts of operational best practices for international executive protection programs, both for world leaders and for the private sector. The presentation will also discuss proven crisis planning and management techniques, including lessons learned, as demonstrated by the rescue of 150 people during the 2008 terrorist attack on the Taj hotel in Mumbai.


Mr Rory Steyn, CEO - Africa, Nicholls, Steyn and Associates, South Africa

Retired as LT Colonel from the SA Police, Rory Steyn has 35 years of experience in security and protection. In 1996 he was the appointed team leader of President Mandela’s personal protection team, which entailed the protection of the President both nationally and internationally. An international expert on sports security matters, he was invited to Cairo University as a guest speaker, providing interactive projects to students on several topics including “Incidents in International Sporting History”, and the “Threat of Terrorism”. He recently traveled to Zambia to present to high-profile business executives on the challenges of business dealings in the emerging market of Africa.

Chuck Tobin, President, At-Risk International, USA

As the President of AT-RISK International, LLC for more than 12 years, Chuck Tobin brings his over 24 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Tobin served as the national Director of Security for the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign. He has also served as security consultant to a Greek political party and its leader George Papandreou, as well as protected and consulted with several other international political candidates. Mr. Tobin is currently the President for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and directs the organizations growth and development.